PLCnext Store now online

The software store for industry

The PLCnext Store is extending the PLCnext Technology ecosystem with a digital marketplace for software apps. With the open software store for industrial automation, a PLCnext Control device can be functionally extended. With solution apps that do not need any further programming knowledge, or with PLCnext Engineer software blocks, your application development process can be accelerated considerably.

Thanks to a dynamically growing range of apps, the variety and application possibilities are constantly increasing. The PLCnext Store provides innovative solutions and creative ideas for your applications, even for special niche markets. Take advantage of the offers available in the PLCnext Store or make your own apps available in the store. Benefit from a new revenue and digital business model.

PLCnext Technology on GitHub

Use and share open-source code

You will now find open-source projects, practical application examples and exciting applications with PLCnext Technology on GitHub. You can share your ideas and work together with the community at Become a part of the PLCnext Community and start making use of the ever growing network today.

Downloading, improving, sharing; all are welcome – Octocat is waiting!

Tutorials for technical support

Quick and clear explanations

Do you have a specific question regarding PLCnext Engineer or you just want to familiarize yourself with the software interface? No problem! Our tutorials now provide you with a simple introduction to the PLCnext Technology software and automation world.

  • How do I debug C# code on the PLCnext Control?
  • How do I send time-series data to the PROFICLOUD dashboard?
  • How do I integrate completed function blocks into my PLCnext Engineer programming environment?

These and many other questions will be answered here quickly, clearly and simply.

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